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Course Information

Course Name
English Engineering Polymers
Course Code
MET 439E Credit Lecture
Semester 7
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Mohammadreza Nofar
Course Objectives 9. To introduce the fundamental aspects of polymerization mechanisms
10. To describe the polymer types and explain the differences between polymer classes and polymerization
11. To qualitatively explain the nature, configuration and dimension of the polymer chain, polymer branches and co polymerization
12. To express the relationship between molecular structure and the physical and mechanical properties of polymers
13. To explain phenomenological the amorphous state, the crystalline state and the elastomeric state.
14. To discuss, by means of introducing a thought experiment, four different regions of the viscoelastic behavior, the WLF negatron and the master curves for viscoelastic solids
15. To construct various analog viscoelastic models and enhance with sample problems
16. To explain polymer manufacting methods
Course Description This course aims to introduce and describe the properties of thr polymeric materials and polymer-based materials as the advanced technological materials and details the manufacturing techniques of polymer-based materials.
Course Outcomes 7. Learn what polymers are, how they are made and classify them according to polymer types
8. Be able to relate the physical properties and character of a polymer and its bounding and chain structure/configuration
9. Understand the concepts of rubber elasticity and viscoelasticity model and contruct
10. Be able to analog models for the elastic, elastic-plastic, viscoelastic and creep behaviour of polymers.
11. Be able to construct a master curve for a viscoelastic and creep behaviour of polymers
12. Learn the polymer manufacturing methods and fields of application of engineering polymers.
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