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KMM 453 - Computer Aided Design (CAD) in Chemical Engineering

Course Objectives

1- To train students to solve chemical engineering design problems using knowledge of mathematics, engineering and computers (1-3).
2- To train students in using CAD software to solve design problems (1-3).
3- To train students to analyze and solve problems and evaluate the results using their engineering knowledge in computer aided design projects (1-3).
4- To provide students with experience in searching information on the web to keep up with the latest developments in Cad applications (2).
5- To improve student’s effective individual working skills (4).
6- To improve their Turkish communication skills (4).

Course Description

Fundamentals of CAD. Description of a process using mathematical language. Process synthesis-simulation approach. Simulation strategy. Integrated process simulation concept. Case studies using a CAD software (ChemCAD)

Course Coordinator
Gülhayat Saygılı
Course Language
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