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MET 332E - Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy

Course Objectives

1.Understanding the basic principles and applications of steelmaking.
2.Understanding the raw materials and the effects of its properties on production
3.Understanding the basic principles of productivity and applications
4.Understanding the basic principles of the steel product quality development and

Course Description

Introduction to iron and steel making processes. Raw materials and metallurgical
pretreatments. Production of metallurgical coke. Iron ore and characterization.
Sintering and peletizing of iron ore. Production of molten (pig) iron. Blast furnace and
auxiliaries Principles of pig iron production at the blast furnace. Reduction of iron
oxides. Bosh and heart reactions. Slag formation. Techniques for increasing blast
furnace productivity. Basic principles of steel production and history processes. Steel
production in basic oxygen converter. Steel production in electric arc furnaces.
Deoxidation, gas purging and other ladle treatments. Principles and technologies of
ingot and continuous casting methods. Technologies principles of long and flat
products production. Production of sponge iron. Smelting reduction processes. Iron
and steel industry in the world and Turkey.

Course Coordinator
Cevat Fahir Arısoy
Course Language
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