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MET 214 - Fundamentals of Solution Thermodynamics

Course Objectives

1. To provide students to understand solution thermodynamics concepts and thermodynamics basic relations,
2. To teach them to perform thermodynamic calculations of reaction that involve component in solution with the various medium,
3. To provide them the basic concepts of binary phase diagrams
4. To provide students to teach solutions containing several dilute solutes and their thermodynamics behaviour.
5. The prepare them to be able to decide about the selection of processes that involve solution.

Course Description

Thermodynamics properties of solutions, the properties of ideal solutions, non-ideal solutions, dilute solutions, application of the Gibbs-Duhem relation to the determinetion of activity, the properties of regular solutions, atomistic model for solutions, relation between free energy and phase equilibria in binary systems, binary phase diagrams, the phase rule and application on chemical reactions and phase diagrams, determination technics of thermodynamic quantities, alternative standard state, solutions containing several dilute solutes.

Course Coordinator
Süheyla Aydın
Course Language
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