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MET 437E - Princip.of Corros.&Corros.Prot

Course Objectives

After completing this course the student will be able to:
1. Know the importance and interdisciplinary character of corrosion
2. To apply basic corrosion knowledge to engineering problems
3. Understand material-environment and corrosion type relation
4. Understand the necessity of learning basic principles of corrosion and corrosion protection
for material selection and application
5. Analyse and bring viable engineering solutions to actual corrosion and corrosion protection problems

Course Description

Definition and significance of corrosion. Classification of corrosion. Thermodynamic and kinetic principles of electrochemical corrosion. Passivity. Forms of corrosion:- uniform corrosion, pitting, crevice, galvanic corrosion, environmentally induced cracking, corrosion types induced by the flow velocity of the environment, effects of metallurgical structure on corrosion, corrosion related damages by hydrogen, erosion and wear. Corrosive environments: - atmosphere, soil, water and aqueous environments, concrete, high temperature environments. Principles of corrosion protection:- design, change of metal, change of environment, change of interface. Inorganic, metallic and conversion coatings. Organic coatings and inhibitors.- cathodic and anodic protection. Principles of materials selection for corrosion protection

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Kamil Ürgen
Cem Örnek
Course Language
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