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Course Name
Turkish Gıda Süreçlerinde Meydana Gelen Biyokimyasal Değişimler
English Biochem.Chan.During Food Proc.
Course Code
GID 418E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Neşe Şahin Yeşilçubuk
Course Objectives Students will apply basic food science knowledge to an understanding of the biochemical changes occurring during various food processing techniques and storage and the effect of enzymes on spoilage reactions of foods. Students will develop an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility associated with food processing on nutritive value of foods.
Course Description Postmortem changes of meat, changes during respiration and maturation period of fruits and vegetables, post harvest physiology of cereals, enzymatic changes in brewing process, biochemistry of baking, biochemistry of cheese and yogurt, effect of processes on nutrients, enzymatic spoilage reactions
Course Outcomes Be able to apply a basic knowledge of food science to understand biochemical changes in food products during processing and storage.
Develop an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility to protect the nutritive value of foods when designing equipments and/or processes.
Demonstrate an ability to synthesize and integrate information and ideas.
Scale down information to what is important.
Articulate ideas clearly and concisely.
Demonstrate an understanding of lifelong learning both individually and in groups.
Gain the awareness of the importance of biochemical reactions on the properties of food products during processing and preserving the nutritive value of food products.
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