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Course Objectives

Metallographic sample preparation 1-2, Metallography of non-ferrous metals and worked
materials, Metallography of iron based materials, and quantitative metallurgy, Analysis of
factors that affect the X-ray diffraction pattern, Qualitative phase analysis with X-ray
diffraction, NDT tests as liquid penetration, magnetic powder, ultrasonic and radiographic
methods, Ceramic raw material preparation, Granulation, Plasticity determination, Semi-wet
shaping, Sintering, Characterization of ceramics, Sample analysis with electron microscope

Course Description

It is primarily aimed in this course to show experimentally to the students the subject material
they learned theoretically in courses such as materials science, metallography, analysis of
factors that affect the X-ray diffraction pattern, powder materials, ceramics, etc. It is also the
purpose of this course to direct the students’ knowledge to be exploited in the design and
applications. Students will gain an understanding about the basic concepts of production
processes and the relationships between the parameters and processes, and the correlation
between structure, property, and performance of a given material, and ability to analyze the
results. Moreover, oral and written communication skills of the students are intended to be
improved by the conversations held before, during, and after the experiments for discussing
the preparation of experiments and their results, and by preparing a formal written report.

Course Coordinator
Cevat Fahir Arısoy
Course Language
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