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TEL 212 - Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields

Course Description

Vector algebra
Coordinate systems
Differantial operators
Stokes and Divergence theorems
Null Identity
Charge effects and Coulomb force
Electrostatic field and force
Multiple charges and charge distributions
Electrostatic potential
Electrostatic work
Force effected on surface charge densties
Fundamental postules of electrostatics
Gauss law and application on symmetrical structures
Dielectric materials and their electrical properties
Electrostatic boundary conditions
Relation between charge and potatial, Capacitance
Stored energy in multi conductor systems
Poisson's and Laplace's equations
Solution of electrostatic problems using Laplace equaition
Method of images
Steady current, Current distrubution
Conductance of materials and resistance
Kirchhoff's and Joule's laws
Lorentz's Force, Magnetostatic force
Biot-Savart law, Vector potential
Fundamental postules of magnetostatic
Ampere Law
Magnetic materials
Boundary conditions
Force of currents
Relation between magnetic flux and current, Inductance
Stored energy
Magnetic Circuits
Maxwell equations

Course Coordinator
Selçuk Paker
Course Language
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