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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Uydu Haberleşmesi
English Satellite Communications
Course Code
EHB 464E Credit Lecture
Semester 8
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Mesut Kartal
Course Objectives 1. To introduce the structure of the satellite communication system.
2. To give necessary concepts about system and the sub-systems used in the satellite communication system.
3. To obtain a level for the students of presenting their projects.
Course Description Fundamentals of satellite communication system structures. Satellite subsystems, detailed link analysis, antennas and link propagation properties, multiplexing, modulation and multiple access techniques. Earth stations. Design examples for fixed and mobile satellite communication systems.
Course Outcomes I. Satellite orbits and their features
II. Understand the atmospheric layer effects on signal transmission
III. Antenna, polarization and attenuation effects on satellite links
IV. Learning satellite link calculations
V. Learning noise and signal/noise concepts
VI. Transmission techniques for a satellite channel
VII. Work on the multiple access technique for satellites
VIII. Identify Earth stations and their functions
Pre-requisite(s) EHB 362/362E min DD
Required Facilities
Textbook G. Maral, M. Basquet, Satellite Com. Systems (5th Ed.) Wiley, 2010.
Other References 1. M. Richharia, Satellite Com. Systems (2nd Ed.) McGraw-Hill, 1999.
2. D. Calcutt, L. Tetley, Satellite Communications, But. Hein., 1994
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