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ELK 312 - High Voltage Techniques

Course Objectives

1) To teach why we use high voltage (HV) and to introduce HV problems and HV applications
2) To teach analytical, numerical and experimental electrostatic field computation methods and to evaluate discharge phenomena at high electric fields,
3) To introduce basic breakdown phenomena and their properties at gas, solid, and liquid dielectrics,
4) To provide origins of overvoltages and protection against them.

Course Description

Electrostatic fields: basic electrode systems, approximate calculation of maximum electric field strength, electrode systems with multi-dielectrics, conformal mapping, numerical methods for electrostatic field calculations. Introduction to discharge phenomena: discharge phenomena in gases (Townsend and streamer theories; corona, lightning, and surface discharges); discharge phenomena in solid and liquid dielectrics. Introduction to the origin of overvoltages and protection against them.

Course Coordinator
Kevork Mardikyan
Course Language
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