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KON 218 - Measurement Technique and Sensors

Course Objectives

1. Gaining the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and engineering principles to solve engineering problems.
2. Gaining the ability to express the highlights when defining a design problem.
3. Ability to analyze and design basic measurement systems.
4. Comprehending the improving effect of team work in developing skills.
5. Gaining the ability to interpret experiment data.

Course Description

Static (accuracy, sensitivity, linearity etc.) and dynamic characteristics (loading effect, response time, etc.) of measurement systems. Error types and their analysis. Uncertainty in measurement. Measurable values of electrical signals (Efective value, mean value, etc.). Analogue and digital multimeters: Operating principles, accuracy. Classification of analog measuring instruments: Moving iron, moving coil, thermal instruments, etc. Wattmeters; Power measurement in 1 and 3-phase networks.
Sensor characteristics (accuracy, linearity, repeatability, output impedance, etc.); operating principles of various sensors (pressure, displacement, temperature, magnetic field, proximity, humidity etc.). Experiments about sensors.

Course Coordinator
Serhat İkizoğlu
Course Language
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