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KON 424E - Modeling and Control of Biological Systems

Course Objectives

1.To train students to analyze biological systems
2.To train students to understand the modeling and control of biological systems
3.To train students about electrical safety
4.To train students about the analogy of biological systems and robots

Course Description

Electrical Safety, Types of hazards Ways of ameliorating the situation, fault monitors, Models of Neurons, Brain structure, Equilibrium in one-ion system, Ion pumps, Hodgkin- Huxley Model
Sensors, modeling of human functions, adaptation and learning, Identification Problem, Second order systems, Model for Human Model; Eye movement control system. Model of Neuromuscular System, Golgi tendon organs, Parkinson’s syndrome, Motion control loops, Thermoregulation Systems, Control of blood pressure, Thyroid Disease, Control examples (Diabetes Mallitus, administration of Drugs)

Course Coordinator
Ali Fuat Ergenç
Course Language
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