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TEL 413 - Introduction to Mobile Communications

Course Objectives

1. To introduce students to the fundamentals of wireless communication systems and techniques.
2. To describe existing wireless communication systems and standards.
3. To prepare students for understanding systems that will be used in the next generations of wireless communication.

Course Description

Introduction, Basic Concepts, Historical Development, Wireless Communication Systems and Standards, Channel Models, Path Loss, Shadowing, Fading, Channel Classifications, Multiple Access Techniques, FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, Cellular Structures, Network Structure, Channel Assignment, Handover, Sectoring, Power Control, 2nd Generation Wireless Communication Systems, 3rd Generation Wireless Communication Systems, Multicarrier Modulation, OFDM, Diversity Techniques, MIMO Systems

Course Coordinator
Hakan Ali Çırpan
Hakan Ali Çırpan
Course Language
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