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EHB 432E - Introduction to Embedded Systems

Course Objectives

1. has an insight into the theoretical and practical aspects of embedded systems, both in terms of hardware, software and system description models
2. understands the different architectural and technological design options for embedded systems
3. can make designs taking into account constraints such as time-to-market, cost, functionality and achievable performance
4. arrive at a design specification of an embedded system starting from user-constraints
5. can report on a realized design in a technical and scientific-based method and presents the results in a comprehensive manner and is able to communicate technical concepts at different levels

Course Description

Embedded systems overview, Design Challenge, Data Flow Modeling and Implementation, Analysis of Control Flow and Data Flow, Finite State Machine with Datapath, Custom Single-Purpose Processors, General-purpose processors, Peripherals, Memory, Interfacing, Interrupts

Course Coordinator
Müştak Erhan Yalçın
Course Language
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