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KON 422E - Electrical Transportation Sys.

Course Objectives

1. To teach students to understand the electric transportation systems,
2. To train students to analyze of electric traction systems,
3. To train students to design electric traction control systems,
4. To train students to use relevant computer software in the analysis, design and implementation of the electrical car and control systems.

Course Description

Classification of electric transportation systems. Electrification system for electric vehicles. Dynamics of electric traction systems: Equations describing the motion of the car. Speed-time curves. Motoring and braking mode. Optimization of energy consumption in the railway traction system. Types of traction drivers systems. Simulation and control of electric vehicles. Electrical and mechanical brake control. Railway signaling and interlocking systems.

Course Coordinator
Yaprak Yalçın
Yaprak Yalçın
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