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ELK 107E - Int to Sci.&Eng.Comp. (Python)

Course Objectives

1. To gain students algorithmic view.
2. To equip students a reasonably good knowledge of the Python ve Matlab programming.
3. To show students how Python ve Matlab is used for solving electrical engineering problems.

Course Description

This course is organized in a way that it provides students with an algorithmic view of engineering problems. It also presents possible solutions to basic Electrical Engineering problems by using one of the high-level languages, Python. In order to solve more complex circuits, which require employing more than one engineering platform, coding in Matlab will be taught. Course content is as follows: Algorithm and flowchart concept, the use of algorithms for solving engineering problems, Introduction to programming with Python: logical operations, flow control, loops, errors and their sources, curve fitting, solving differential equations, numerical integration, symbolic operations, 2D and 3D plots., Use of Matlab for programming and schematical solution of engineering problems.

Course Coordinator
Tahir Çetin Akıncı
Tahir Çetin Akıncı
Course Language
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