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ELK 331E - Power Electronic Circuits

Course Objectives

To produce graduates who understand the characteristics and applications of basics power switches, and the fundamental principles of basic power electronic converters.
The objectives of this introductory course on power electronics, is to familiarize the students with basic power switch technology and associated electronic circuits. In this course, power electronic circuits and switching devices such as power transistors, MOSFETs, SCRs, GTOs, IGBTs, IGCTs, and etc. are studied. Their applications in AC/DC (rectifier), DC/DC (DC chopper), DC/AC (inverter) and AC/AC (AC chopper) converters as well as switching power supplies are studied. Simulations emphasizing the power electronic circuit analysis and design will be covered.

Course Description

Students will have a basic knowledge of operation principles of major power electronics circuit types such as rectifiers, inverters, DC and AC choppers.

Details of the Course Description:
Introduction to the fundamental operating principles of power conditioning circuits that are currently being used to effect power flow from AC to DC and vice versa. Emphasis is on the relationship between form and function of these circuits. Circuits discussed will include AC/DC line-cummutated converters, DC/DC converters, DC/variable frequency converters, and AC/AC converters. Computer simulations will be used as a part of the course work.

Course Coordinator
Salih Barış Öztürk
Course Language
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