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EHB 235 - Theory of Complex Functions

Course Objectives

1. Complex Numbers and Basic Operations 2. Elementary Complex Functions 3. Inverse Functions of Elementary Complex Functions (Square Root Function) 4. Inverse Functions of Elementary Complex Functions (Logarithm - Complex Power - Inverse Trigonometric - Inverse Hypergeometric Functions) 5. Limit, Derivative, Analytic Functions, Harmonic Functions 6. Conformal Mapping 7. Applications of Conformal Mapping 8. Integrals (Contour integrals, Antiderivatives, Cauch-Goursat Theorem) 9. Midterm (20 Nov. 2019 - Will include everything covered until this date.) 10. Integrals (Cauchy Integral Formula, Residues and Poles) 11. Evaluation of Some Integrals via Complex Integration 12. Series (Taylor Series) 13. Series (Laurent Series) 14. Evaluation of Summation of Some In?nite Series via Complex Analysis

Course Description

The course aims to give a solid background for theory of complex variables.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Nuri Akıncı
Course Language
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