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ELK 411E - High Voltage Lab.

Course Objectives

To introduce risks, measures and conditions of high voltage (HV) studies
To teach importance, principles, and methods of HV generation and measurement
To practice design and assembly of HV generation and measurement system
To teach to draw up a report and evaluation of test results,
To encourage experimental research.

Course Description

Generation and measurement of high voltages.
Experimental and numerical analysis of electrostatic fields.
High voltage measurement with sphere gaps.
Generation and measurement of HV direct and impulse voltages.
Breakdown strength of insulating oils.
Measurement of the relative permittivity and the dissipation factor of solid insulating materials.
Determination of breakdown strength for solid insulating materials.
Determination of flashover voltage and potential distribution of an insulator string.
Corona and partial discharge tests

Course Coordinator
Suat İlhan
Course Language
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