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ELK 412 - Distribution of Electrical Energy

Course Objectives

Objectives of Distribution of Electrical Energy Course
1. To be learn design of distribution network
2. To introduce the Characteristics of overhead lines and cables in distribution network
3. Distribution network calculations
4. To be learn operaational principles of Distribution network
5. To be learn principles of reactive power compensation
6. To be learn distribution network faults and short circuit calculations
7. To be learn fundementals of harmonics

Course Description

Description of network types according to voltage level an configurations. To determine crosssection of conductors.Voltage drop calculations for medium and low voltage networks. To calculate economical crosssections of conductors for medium and low voltage networks. To improve of power factor and advantages of compansation systems. Short circuit calculations. Harmonics. To make experiments on protection relays,voltage regulator, efficiency of PV systems and SCADA system.

Course Coordinator
Ayşen Demirören
Course Language
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