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KON 421 - Robot Control

Course Objectives

1. To teach students to understand the importance of the robot control systems. (1)
2. To teach student to develop detailed dynamic models and to develop different control techniques to control robot manipulators. (2, 3, 6)
3. To teach students to understand advanced topics in robotics.(5)
4. To provide students an opportunity to improve written communication skills.(7-8)
5. To provide students an opportunity to use internet and library resources.(9)

Course Description

This course aims to provide control techniques for robot manipulators. In addition to control efforts, broad technological knowledge on robotic design and control is also supplied. The main topics to be covered include independent joint control, multivariable control, force control, feedback linearization, variable structure control, adaptive control and and advanced topics on robot control.

Course Coordinator
Metin Gökaşan
Course Language
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