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KON 436E - Int.to Nonlinear Control Syst.

Course Objectives

1. To gain the knowledge on the detailed analysis of nonlinear systems.
2. To teach the fundamental theorems of the nonlinear systems.
3. To introduce basic control techniques used in the nonlinear systems.
4. To provide experience for students to work in groups and prepare comprehensive reports.

Course Description

Linear systems revisited (state-space models and diagonalization, the fundamental theorem for linear systems), introduction to nonlinear systems, the existence-uniqueness theorem, maximum interval of existence, linearization, phase portraits, local analysis of hyperbolic fixed points, analysis of nonlinear centers, conservative and reversible systems, stability and Lyapunov functions, non-hyperbolic fixed points, center manifold reduction, normal form theory, gradient and hamiltonian systems, limit cycles, Poincaré-Bendixson theorem, state feedback stabilization, input-state and input-output feedback linearization, presentation of the other nonlinear control techniques (backstepping, sliding mode control, etc.)

Course Coordinator
Emre Dincel
Course Language
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