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ELK 336E - Quantum Computation

Course Objectives

1. To learn the mathematical fundamentals of quantum computation in terms of complex vector algebra.
2. To gain the ability constructing the components of quantum algorithms, to devise quantum algorithms.
3. To understand the supremacy of the quantum algorithms over the classical counterparts
4. To learn the quantum communication channels their applications for quantum information.
5. To gain the ability coding the algorithms numerically and calculating the fidelity of the algorithms as well as the quantum channels.
6. To gain information about the physical realization of quantum computers.

Course Description

Essential Linear Algebra . Complex matrix algebra . State vector . Density matrix . Quantum operators . Postulates of quantum mechanics . Quantum computational complexity . Quantum algorithm components . Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm . Quantum Fourier Transform algorithm . Quantum search (Grover) algorithm . Quantum order finding algorithm . Quantum teleportation . Quantum dense coding . Quantum error correction . Quantum secure communication . Quantum key distribution . Physical realization of quantum computers

Course Coordinator
Deniz Türkpençe
Course Language
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