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EHB 352E - Digital Communications

Course Objectives

1. Understand the basic concepts for the analysis of a digital communication system.
2. Acquire the ability to design a basic digital communication system.

Course Description

Sampling theorem, Nyquist criterion, ideal, natural and flat-top sampling. Pulse modulation techniques: Pulse amplitude modulation, pulse width modulation, pulse position modulation, pulse code modulation, quantization, delta modulation, differential pulse code modulation. Baseband data transmission: Intersymbol interference, Nyquist channel, bandwidth efficiency. Matched-filter receiver, correlation receiver. Signal-space analysis, error performance analysis. Binary bandpass digital modulation techniques: Binary amplitude, frequency and phase shift keying. Introduction to M-ary bandpass modulation, information and entropy.

Course Coordinator
Semiha Tedik Başaran
Course Language
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