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ELK 344 - Safety in Electrical Installations

Course Objectives

1)To learn Hazards of Electricity
2)To Learn Induced Voltage due to Electric and Magnetic Fields
3)To learn Grounding İn Power System
4)To Learn De-Energized Line work
5)To Learn Arc Flash
6)To Learn Stray and Contact Voltages

Course Description

Since the early days of the electrical revolution, electricity was recognized as hazardous to humans and animals. Today, in spite of the safety products available in the market, so many people are killed every day in Turkey due to electric shocks and several thousand more are disabled or injured.
To protect the public and workers from the hazards of electricity, several regulations and standards have been developed to address every electric safety issue known to man so far.
The goal of this course is to provide electrical power engineers with the knowledge and analysis they need to be well versed in electric safety. Besides the engineering analysis, this course includes several real-life case studies

Course Coordinator
Belgin Türkay
Course Language
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