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EEF 110E - Intr.toProgramming Language(C)

Course Objectives

1-To START computer programming using the BLOCK-structured programming method
2 - To teach fundamental programming techniques and numerical methods commonly required in engineering applications

Course Description

Introduction to C programming, Program Structure, Constants and Variables, Data Types, Reading from and Writing to standard I/O (printf(), scanf(), putc() and getc() ), Expressions, Assignment Statements, Operators, Math Functions, Functions I, Functions call By Value, Scope rules, Algorithm Development, Selection Structure (if / if else statement, switch-case), Loop Structures (for, while, do-while), break & continue, Arrays, Introduction to Pointers, Pointer Arithmetic, Array Pointer Relationship, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Functions II, Functions call by reference, Strings, File I/O, Structures.

Course Coordinator
Ali Bahadır
Course Language
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