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EEF 206 - Signal Processing and Linear Systems

Course Objectives

1. To provide information on the properties and classification of continuous-time and discrete-time signals
2. To provide information on the frequency and transform domain analysis of continuous-time and discrete-time linear systems
3. To provide information on the fundamental applications of these concepts in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Course Description

Introduction to continuous-time (CT) signals and systems; Classification of CT signals and important CT signals; CT system properties; CT linear time invariant (LTI) systems: impulse response, CT convolution integral, differential equations; CT Fourier series expansion (CTFS); CT Fourier transform (CTFT); Relationship between CTFT and CTFS; Laplace transform; Transform domain analysis of CT- LTI systems; Sampling and sampling theorem; Uniform Quantization; Introduction to discrete-time (DT) signals and systems; Classification of DT signals and important DT signals; DT system properties; DT-LTI systems; Time domain representations of DT-LTI systems: impulse response, DT convolution sum, difference equations; DT Fourier series expansion (DTFS); DT Fourier transform (CTFT); Relationship between DTFT and DTFS; z-transform; Transform domain analysis of DT- LTI systems; Telecommunication applications; Modulation and demodulation; Filtering; Multidimensional signals; Image processing applications.

Course Coordinator
Emine Ayaz
Course Language
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