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EHN 316 - Electronic Devices

Course Objectives

1) To analyze the fundamental concepts of semiconductor physics
2) To explain the physical operation mechanisms of semiconductor devices
3) To scrutinize the secondary effects of semiconductor devices.
4) To investigate the technological evolution of semiconductor devices over the last several decades.

Course Description

Students who pass the course will be able to:
I. Learn the fundamentals of quantum mechanics
II. Understand the importance of the charge carriers and energy bands in semiconductors.
III. Grasp how the excess charge carriers are generated in semiconductors and their impact.
IV. Learn the operation principle of diodes
V. Understand how the secondary effects change the diode properties.
VI. Grasp the physical operation principles of BJTs.
VII. Learn the BJT models and the impact of secondary effects in BJTs.
VIII. Understand the physical operation principles of MOSFETs.
IX. Grasp the MOSFET models and the impact of secondary effects in MOSFETs

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Berke Yelten
Course Language
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