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EHB 307E - Communication I

Course Objectives

1. To teach amplitude and exponential modulation types and their analysis methods.
2. To teach the modeling and effects of noise in communication systems.
3. To teach the pulse modulation techniques.

Course Description

Introduction, spectral analysis, transmission through linear systems. Amplitude modulation techniques: Carrier amplitude (AM), double sideband (DSB), single sideband (SSB) and vestigial sideband (VSB)/demodulation. Exponential modulation techniques: Frequency and phase (FM and PM) modulation/demodulation. Frequency division multiplexing (FDM). Stereo transmission. Superheterodyne receivers. Introduction to random processes, noise modeling and AWGN channel. Noise analysis in amplitude and exponential modulation systems. Sampling, pulse amplitude, width and position modulations (PAM, PWM, PPM). Quantization, pulse code modulation (PCM). Delta modulation, differential PCM. Digital PAM, PWM, PPM. Time division multiplexing (TDM).

Course Coordinator
Ferkan Yılmaz
Course Language
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