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EEF 211 - Basics of Electrical Circuits

Course Objectives

1. To provide an ability to apply mathematics, science and engineering concepts to electrical engineering and electronics and communication engineering problems.
2. To acquire the concept of modeling electric circuits and elements.
3. To provide competence on the basics of electrical circuit analysis.

Course Description

Electric circuits. Mathematical models of electrical circuits elements. Power and energy function. Active and passive elements. Kirchhoff’s laws: Current and voltage equations. Basic definitions of graph theory. Circuit graphs and graph matrices. Tellegen’s theorem. Two and multi -terminal elements: Resistor, capacitor, inductor, independent sources, dependent sources, gyrator, transistor, transformer, operational amplifier. Nonlinear elements and linearized models. Analysis of linear and nonlinear resistive circuits: Mesh current method and node voltage method. Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorems. Analysis of dynamic (RLC) circuits: State equations method. Solutions of first circuits, computer applications.

Course Coordinator
Mürvet Kırcı
Course Language
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