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KON 403E - Control Laboratory

Course Objectives

1. To train students to design and carry out experiments. (2)
2. To provide experience in obtaining and analyzing experimental data. (3)
3. To train students to analyze and design and implement control systems for various plants and processes. (1-3).
4. To train students to use control engineering tools like root-locus and frequency response in the design of control systems. (3).
5. To train students to use relevant computer software in the analysis and design of control systems. (2).
6. To provide experience for students to work in groups. (4, 5).
7. To provide practice in preparing scientific reports . (5).

Course Description

Analog and digital controllers. Proportional, Integral and Derivative(PID) controllers. On/off controllers. Implementation of these controllers on Programmable Logic Controllers(PLC). Modelling, analysis and control on various flow, pressure, temprature, liquid level process control systems. Modelling, analysis and control on nonlinear systems. Experiments related to position and velocity on stepping, direct current(DC) and asynchronous motors.

Course Coordinator
Ali Fuat Ergenç
Course Language
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