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EEF 210 - Differential Equations

Course Objectives

Students completing this course will be able to :
• Classify differential equations according to certain features
• Solve first order linear equations and nonlinear equations of certain types and interpret the solutions
• Understand the conditions for the existence and uniqueness of solutions for linear differential equations
• Solve second and higher order linear differential equations with constant coefficients and construct all solutions from the linearly independent solutions
• To find series solutions about ordinary and regular singular points for second order linear differential equations
• Solve initial value problems using the Laplace transform
• Solve systems of linear differential equations with methods from linear algebra.

Course Description

1. Introduction (Chapter 1)
2. First Order Differential Equations (Chapter 2)
3. Second Order Linear Differential Equations (Chapter 3)
4. Higher Order Linear Differential Equations (Chapter 4)
5. Series Solutions of Second Order Linear Equations (Chapter 5)
6. The Laplace Transform (Chapter 6)
7. Systems of First Order Linear Equations (Chapter 7)

Course Coordinator
Aydın Tarık Zengin
Course Language
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