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EHB 420E - Artificial Neural Networks

Course Objectives

1. Practical grounding in artificial intelligence (AI)
2. Strategic decision-making and AI implementation
3. Artificial Intelligence hands on Laboratory experience

Course Description

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to be one of the most revolutionary steps towards the future. It is an effective scientific tool with applications in various fields and industries. One significant application of AI will occur in fields such as medicine, nanosystems, and robotics. AI algorithms will employ cutting-edge solutions to address industry-specific problems, particularly in sectors like healthcare, energy, communication, finance, and more.

This course will provide foundational knowledge and skills for developing AI algorithms for practical applications. By presenting daily examples, it will offer a comprehensive overview of AI, robotics, and mobility. Students will engage in project-based learning and applied coding, allowing them to grasp, understand, and solve real-life problems using their own methods.

Course Coordinator
Onur Ergen
Course Language
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