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KON 492 - Senior Design Project

Course Objectives

1. To analyze and design system components and control systems to satisfy the requirements.
2. To identify, formulate, and solve modern control engineering problems. [1]
3. To use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for modern control
engineering practice. [3]
4. To communicate effectively. [3,5]
5. To evaluate current fields of study in control engineering, taking into account their global,
economic, environmental and societal impacts and to produce appropriate solutions by being
aware of ethical and professional responsibilities. [2,4]
6. To understand the necessity and ways of lifelong learning. [7]

Course Description

This non-lecture last-term course contains a design project (Two or three people groups can be formed). The design project, which can be a software or a hardware project for control systems, should contain all stages from project selection to project completion and presentation. The course leads the students to use the knowledge they gained during their
education in the department.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Temeltaş
Course Language
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