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KON 325E - Industrial Automation Systems

Course Objectives

1. To teach students to understand the operation principles of industrial automation,
2. To train students to use industrial automation elements,
3. To train students to use relevant computer software in the analysis, design and implementation of automation systems,
4. To show students design and implementation techniques for digital communication, data acquisition and control systems,
5. To provide practice in preparing scientific reports in Turkish.

Course Description

Fundamentals of industrial automation systems. Electrical and pneumatic control circuits. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs). PLC operating system and program processing. PLC programming languages: Ladder diagram (LAD), function block diagram (FBD) and structured control language (SCL). The elementary binary logic operations, timer,counter, arithmetic and comparison functions. Design methods and implementation of relay and PLC based industrial automated systems: Logic, discrete event systems and state-diagram based
design. Process Automation: elements of process automation systems and operation principles, interface
modules. Estbalishing process simulation. Implementation of PID control for specified controlled process. Supervisory control (HMI) and data acquisition systems. Process control system implementation and integration.

Course Coordinator
Yaprak Yalçın
Course Language
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