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ELK 493E - Lighting Technologies & Photometry Laboratory

Course Objectives

- Teaching the choice and utilization of measurement devices and circuit elements and the preparation of experimental setups for the measurement of photometric, temporal, colorimetric and electrical properties of light sources.
- Provide experience on working in a Dark Room environment for photometric measurements and teach the measurement procedure for important photometric properties of light sources such as luminous flux and luminous intensity distribution.
- Form the necessary habits of work safety during experimental work.
- Give information on the evaluation and reportingvof experimental results.
- Teach the basic utilization of Dialux Evo lighting simulation software.
- Promote team work.

Course Description

Introduction and utilization of measurement devices for the measurement of photometric quantities such as luminous flux, luminous intensity, illuminance level, luminance; temporal quantites such as flicker, stroboscopic visibility measure; colorimetric properties such as correlated color temperature, color rendering index, CIE 1931 color space values; electrical properties such as voltage, current, power, power factor, total harmonic distortion. Derivation of characteristic properties of fluorescent, metal halide, high and low pressure sodium vapor, high pressure mercury vapor and LED light sources. Evaluation of LED current-temperature characteristics. Examination of the electrical properties of LED drivers. Derivation of luminous intensity distributions, photometric, temporal and colorimetric values of light sources and luminaires in the Dark Room environment. Utilization of the Dialux Evo lighting simulation software.

Course Coordinator
Lale Erdem Atılgan
Course Language
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