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KON 314 - Control System Design

Course Objectives

1. To train students to analyze and design control systems for SISO systems.
2. To let students have an idea on the control of two input two output systems.
2. To train students to use tools like polynomial approach and frequency response in the design of control systems.
3. To train students to use relevant computer software in the analysis and design of control systems.
4. To provide practice for developing critical thinking skills and solving open ended problems.
5. To provide experience for students to work in groups and prepare comprehensive reports.

Course Description

Design of low-order compensators (specially variations of PID controllers) using polynomial equations and frequency response approaches, dominant pole assignment technique, constraints and fundamental limitations in SISO control, design by pole zero cancelation, model matching, internal model controller design, control of time-delay systems, decouling, relative gain array and pole assignment methods for two input two output systems

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Turan Söylemez
Course Language
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