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ELK 474E - Power Syst. Contr. & Commun.

Course Objectives

i. Modern power system structure and operation.
ii. Power system dynamics and control.
iii. Load shedding and restoration
iv. Basic data communications
iv. Supervisory control and SCADA systems
vi. SCADA applications in power networks

Course Description

An Introduction to power system operation and control. Modeling of power system dynamics. Active power & frequency control. Load shedding and restoration. Voltage & reactive power control. Basic data communications. Communications requirements for modern power systems. Supervisory control. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. SCADA applications in power systems. SCADA system design. Master station, remote terminal unit and communications links. SCADA for distribution automation

Course Coordinator
Cavit Fatih Küçüktezcan
Course Language
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