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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Antenler
English Antennas
Course Code
EHB 456E Credit Lecture
Semester 7
3 - - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Selçuk Paker
Course Objectives 1. Antenna usage on communication systems, the basic antenna parameters,
2. Radiation mechanisms and characteristics of the basic antennas
3. Antenna design tools and processes
4. Antenna measurement system, equipment and parameters
Course Description Usage of antenna on communication systems, the antenna structure and the basic parameters. Wave components of the current source, analytical expressions. Wire antennas, features and parameters. Loop antennas parameters. Antenna arrays and their properties. Microstrip antennas characteristics and feeding types. The software tools to analyse and synthesize the antenna structures. Aperture, reflector, slotted antenna types and their properties. Special-purpose antennas structures. Antenna measurement techniques.
Course Outcomes 1. Explain the basic function of a given antenna based on the geometry and give a general description of the performance,
2. Create an antenna specification for a given application,
3. Design an antenna from a given specification,
4. Choose and use of antenna measurement equipment,
5. Antenna simulation tools and their usage,
Pre-requisite(s) EHB313 Elektromagnetik Dalgalar (en az DD)
EHB313 Electromagnetic Waves (min DD)
Required Facilities
Textbook Constantine Balanis , “Antenna Theory, Analysis and Design”, John Willey, 2005
Other References
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