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EHB 332E - Network Synthesis

Course Objectives

To introduce the basic problems and ways of the passive and active
circuit realization and to realize filter circuits using popular
circuit elements.

Course Description

Network synthesis problem. Filter approximation: Butterworth and
Chebsyhev approximations, impedance and frequency normalization, Passivenetwork synthesis: Positive real functions. Synthesis of LC, RC, RL, RLCnetworks: Cauer's and Foster's realizations. Synthesis of passive 2-ports,Positive real matrices, Synthesis of 2-ports converted to synthesis of 2-terminals. Ladder network synthesis: zero shifting technique. Active networksynthesis: decomposition, coefficient matching and signal flow graphmethods. Examples of active network synthesis using modern active devices(current conveyor, OTA, opamp)

Course Coordinator
Metin Hüner
Course Language
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