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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Elektrik Dağıtım Otomas. Lab.
English Elect.Distribution Auto. Lab.
Course Code
ELK 420E Credit Lecture
Semester -
- - - 2
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Zehra Elif Batman
Course Objectives 1. To give information about the components of Electric Power Generation and Distribution Systems
2. To give information about basic and advanced principles of relay protections in power system components
3. To familiarize distribution automation and SCADA to students,
4. To give information about power system computer simulation techniques and softwares,
5. To give information about the operational characteristics of PV systems
Course Description Introduces operational principles and main types of relays. The course provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental principles of regulating generator voltage. Introduces the role of a computerized SCADA system in power system operation. The course will give the student a basic knowledge of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, modules, and system components.
Course Outcomes 1. An ability to set protection relays
2. Understanding the role of a computerized SCADA system in distribution automation.
3. An ability to use current and voltage transformers, and to measure electrical quantities.
4. An ability to operate power factor correction relay
5. The knowledge of the analysis and application of various PV panels will be acquired by the students..
Required Facilities Elect.Distribution Auto. Lab.
Textbook Laboratory Textbook
Other References Siprotec Numerical Protection Relays - Siemens - Siemens Energy, 2008.
W. Elmore, A. Protective relaying theory and applications, Marcel Dekker, 2004
A. Dalfes, Elektrik Ölçme Laboratuarı Deneyleri, 1978.
M. Bayram, Elektrik Tesisleri Labaratuvar Deneyleri, 1999.
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