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EHB 335E - Analog Electronic Circuits

Course Objectives

This course aims to give the following abilities to the students:
1. The analysis of the basic building blocks in analog electronic circuits,
2. Hand and computer aided calculation of analog electronic circuits,
3. The design methods of the analog electronic circuits

Course Description

Frequency response: Bode diagrams, low and high frequency responses, transistor internal capacitors,
transition frequency, Miller theorem. Wideband amplifiers: Gain-bandwidth product, compensation,
cascode amplifier, differential amplifier. Feedback: Definitions, types, effects, negative feedback
topologies. Stability in feedback amplifiers: criteria, Bode and Nyquist analyses. Pulse response of
amplifiers: Rise time, tilt, ringing. Oscillators: Barkhausen criterion, sinusoidal oscillators, relaxation

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Berke Yelten
Course Language
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