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ELK 496E - Power Sys.Dynamics & Stability

Course Objectives

In the course, it is aimed that the students gain a comprehensive knowledge of dynamics and stability in electric power systems. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches in the analysis of these systems will be presented in order to give the students a beneficial explanation in understanding and designing control strategies for a stable operation.

Course Description

Electric power systems are highly complex dynamical networks which pose a great challenge in the analysis of their dynamics and stability. This course covers a wide range of topics in power system dynamics including the electromagnetic phenomena and electromechanical dynamics under small and large disturbances as well as frequency variations. After introducing some general concepts, stability problems associated with voltage and electromechanical dynamics in power systems are also studied. Finally, stability enhancement methods are presented.

Course Coordinator
Veysel Murat İstemihan Genç
Course Language
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