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ELK 361E - Engineering Drawing and Design

Course Objectives

1. To have ability on basic engineering drawing
2. To use computer for engineering drawing
3. To identify, formulate and solve complex, open-ended problems;
4. To verify their approach;
5. To use computers to aid design process;
6. To present their accomplished design projects

Course Description

This course is intended to introduce fundamental concepts of engineering drawing and design methodologies used in engineering. This course provides an involvement of each student in open ended problems relating to actual design. The course is also organized to develop skills such as document preparation and interpersonal communications, which are an integral part of a design process and are crucial to the intellectual life and practice of successful engineers. Assignment of group studies during the semester will help improving student's skills in the areas of technical communication and presentation. Case studies assigned to the groups are carefully selected to be appropriate to the profession of electrical engineering.

Course Coordinator
Ali Sinan Çabuk
Course Language
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