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EHB 332 - Network Synthesis

Course Objectives

1. To summarize basic problems and methods of the passive and active circuit realization
2. To realize filter circuits using state-of-art circuit elements.

Course Description

Network synthesis problem. Filter approximation: Butterworth and Chebsyhev approximations, impedance and frequency normalization, Passive network synthesis: Positive real functions. Synthesis of LC, RC, RL, RLC networks: Cauer's and Foster's realizations. Synthesis of passive 2-ports, Positive real matrices, Synthesis of 2-ports converted to synthesis of 2-terminals. Ladder network synthesis: zero shifting technique. Active network synthesis: decomposition, coefficient matching and signal flow graph methods. Examples of active network synthesis using modern active devices (current conveyor, OTA, opamp)

Course Coordinator
Ece Olcay Güneş
Course Language
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