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EHB 211 - Basics of Electrical circuits

Course Objectives

To acquire skills of Mathematics, Basic Science and Engineering in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Course Description

Physical circuits. Measurement and modeling of current and voltage in physical circuits. Definition of load, flux, power and energy functions and modeling of waveforms. Kirchoff laws: Current and voltage equations. Load and flux relationships. Circuit graphs. Garf matrices. Ideal circuit elements. Modeling of physical circuit elements. Small signal models of nonlinear circuit elements. Electrical circuits
lassification of electrical circuits. Examination of linear and non-linear resistance circuits: Ambient currents and nodal voltage methods. Additivity, additivity. Thevenin and Norton theorems. Examination of dynamic circuits: State variablemethod. Solution of dynamic circuits in the first and second ord

Course Coordinator
Mürvet Kırcı
Course Language
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