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EHB 453E - Introduction to Mobile Communications

Course Objectives

This course attempts to provide an overview of mobile technologies, commencing with cellular and IP technology for the uninitiated, while endeavoring to pave the way towards OFDMA theory and emerging technologies, LTE and 5G. The first half of the quarter covers the theory of cellular communication and IP networking regarding OFDMA and MIMO whereas the second half of the quarter is targeted at more advanced areas, providing end-to-end system architectures of IP and OFDMA based technologies.

Course Description

Introduction to Next Generation Networks and Wireless Industry
Wireless Communication and Wireless Channel
IP Networking including Security, Mobility and Routing
OFDM Communication including coding, synchronization and equalization
Theory of scheduling in OFDMA Communication
MIMO theory including space diversity and space time coding
MIMO-OFDMA Physical Layer
Scheduling and spectrum management in MAC Layer of LTE
Networking Layer of LTE and 5G
Cognitive Radio

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Ergen
Course Language
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