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ECN 410E - Energy Economics

Course Objectives

1-) To provide a systematic understanding within economic theory of the technological and other factors that determine the market structure and levels and types of government regulation in a given energy market.
2-) To understand of the determinants of supply and demand of main energy sources and the corresponding statistics and trends in Turkey and some selected countries.
3-) To study the levels and quality of major reserves, plant capacities, pipelines and their geographic distribution.
4-) To study contemporary energy policy issues.

Course Description

The course covers the economic theory and empirical perspectives on the spot and future markets for main energy sources (oil, natural gas, coal, and electricity). The course also examines the political economy of energy use, economic growth, and the environment. Finally, the economics of government regulation for each energy source market is discussed in local, regional, international, and global policy contexts.

Course Coordinator
Sinan Ertemel
Course Language
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