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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish İnsan Kaynakları Yönetiminin Temelleri
English Principles of Human Resources Management
Course Code
END 412 Credit Lecture
Semester 8
3 - - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Güneş Küçükyazıcı
Seçkin Polat
Course Objectives I. To provide an understanding on functions of human and human resources management in organizations
II. To provide an understanding on human resources management systems
III. To provide an understanding on human resources strategy and politics
Course Description To provide an understanding of functions of human and human resources management in organizations, human resources management systems, and human resources strategy and politics.
Course Outcomes I. Know the role and importance of human resources in the organization.
II. Know how to direct people based on organizational objectives.
III. Know human resource systems and how to design these systems.
IV. Know which human resource policy and strategies should be applied based on the organization characteristics.
Pre-requisite(s) Management and Organization
Required Facilities
Other References I. John. B. Miner, Donald P. Crane (1995), “Human Resource Management: The Strategic Perspective”, Addison Wesley Pub. Co.
II. Luis R. Gomez-Mejia, David B. Balkin, Robert L. Cardy (2001), “Managing Human Resources”, Prentice Hall College Div., 3rd ed., New York
III. Barutçugil, İ. (2004) Stratejik İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi, Kariyer Yayınları / Yönetim Dizisi, İstanbul
IV. Lecture Notes
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