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HUK 217 - R&D Law

Course Objectives

1. Providing the legal perspective that engineering sciences will need
2. Obtaining information about the basic institutions of commercial law
3. To reveal the relationship between legal processes and other legal fields in R&D activities
4. Understanding of items directly related to R&D such as employee inventions, trade secrets, prohibition of competition and competition with a legal perspective
5. Ensuring that the R&D processes and outputs can be legally examined

Course Description

1. The basic principles of law
2. The concept and scope of commercial law
3. The importance of intellectual property
4. Trade secrets and the need for protection
5. Honest and healthy functioning competition
6. R&D in Turkey and world and it’s importance
7. Administrative structuring of R&D our country
8. Basic principles within the scope of R&D law
9. Employee inventions in R&D and prohibition of competition

Course Coordinator
Hasan Karslıoğlu
Course Language
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